Web Developer job with MAYNOOTH UNIVERSITY


Department: Computing

Vacancy ID: 017382

Closing Date: August 14, 2022

The project: CoPilot-AI

Wildfires have swept across Europe in recent years, claiming loss of life, forcing thousands to evacuate and causing damage to homes, infrastructure, livestock and the local environment. The response to the wildfires in Ireland involves several government departments, agencies and external organizations including: the Air Corps and frontline firefighters. The current challenge revolves around how we can better manage our wildfire response here in Ireland, to reduce the threat to human life as well as the economic and environmental cost.

The highly experienced interdisciplinary CoPilot-AI research team is conducting a focused 12-month project using the latest AI technologies (drones, robotics, sensors, machine learning), building a Common Operational Picture (COP) digital platform , capable of capturing intelligent multi-theme sensor data, highly automated data fusion, deep learning and analysis, enabling more efficient information sharing and decision making. Key areas of disruptive technologies will include novel robotic drone-based sensing platforms in the field, dynamic terrain and scene analysis, and multi-criteria risk modeling.

The role

This research project will generate spatio-temporal datasets from various sources: space satellites, aircraft, drones and mobile devices. Examples of these datasets include optical (RGB, video, hyperspectral, multispectral, thermal), LiDAR, and navigation data. These multimodal datasets will be captured using various sensor platforms and stored on a petabyte-scale cloud platform (Microsoft Azure).

We are looking for 2 x web developers to work with project PIs and senior researchers to help design, code and support various spatiotemporal data processing functions including; ingest, store, discover, merge, analyze, model, visualize, and report. Successful applicants will work closely with the Principal Investigators (PI), Research Manager (PM) and research team to support the various analytical and modeling R&D activities of the research team, partners and broader collaborators of CoPilot-AI. This is an ideal opportunity to gain experience working with AI, including high-end robotics; Drones, UGVs, and a variety of sensor and machine learning technologies to help design and code an emergency response web application.


Technical Officer (2022): €40,282 – €53,311 per year (7 points)

Appointments will be made in accordance with public sector salary provisions.


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