Programmer wears TOOL shirt for interview and gets the job


Reddit user fan u/MariaKalash landed a job thanks in part to a Tool T-shirt. The Redditor took the Tool subreddit last week to let everyone know that they just got off of a pretty cool job interview. “I just got out of a job interview,” they said. “I’m wearing a Tool T-shirt [today]. After an hour of conversation, the recruiter said ‘I just have one last question, what is your favorite Tool song? Because I’m a big fan myself! I really want this new job now!”

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Their answer was “7empest” on the 2019 tool record Inoculum of Fear, which they say is their favorite since seeing the band in concert last month. “And I’m a programmer, I can wear a band t-shirt to work,” they noted. u/MariaKalash is now back on the forum to let everyone know the great news that they got the job, which of course is the news I’m sure everyone wanted to hear. Congratulations to u/MariaKalash for the new work!

Tool recently announced a $65 3xLP version of Inoculum of Fear with new illustrations by the guitarist adam jones housed in a triple pouch with an exclusive poster, available here for pre-order. The vinyl is out August 5th. As for the future of Tooldrummer Danny Carey said in a recent interview that the band had leftover ideas from the Fear Incolum sessions they will start working on. Carey also mentioned that the band is working on a live DVD consisting of shows mostly from Toolit is Lateral shows in 2002, and calls the release “a good mind blower for all die-hard fans”.

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